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daAnkole Kingdom was abolished in 1967 by President Milton Obote along with other kingdoms in Uganda. It is located in South Western Uganda in ▓the greater districts of Bu

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shenyi, Mbarara and Ntungamo. The Kingdom has been in existence for the past 600 hundred years, so it is regarded as the oldest kingdom in Uganda's history.History and Or

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iginsEstablished in the 15th Century, Ankole kingdom was originally known as Kaaro-Karungi and the word Nkore is said to have been adopted during the 17th Century following the devastati▓ng invasion of Kaaro-Karungi by Chawaali, the then Omukama (King) of B

e Kingdom has been in existence fo▓ r the pa st 600 hundred years, so it is regard▓e d as the oldest king dom in Uganda's histo ry.Catchi ng a close-up vi ew of Uganda's oldest "A nkole Kingdom" Catching a close -up view of?/a> ?Uganda's oldest "Ankol e Kingdom"06-2 7-2018 11:31 BJTBy Timothy Sibasi, f eature writer bas▓ed in Kampala, Ugan 祥云县5G 辽阳市wap 密山市5G 德江县wap 南丰县wap 晋中市5G 景洪市wap 宜州市wap 漯河市5G 濮阳县wap 辽阳县5G 代县5G 通道侗族自治县5G 聊城市wap 普宁市5G 楚雄市5G 佳木斯市wap 嵩县wap 攀枝花市wap 博爱县wap 热血传奇私服架设 网通传奇私服1.80合击 今天新开一秒传奇私服 传奇私服版本购买 传奇私服发布网新开网 传奇私服免费外挂 传奇私服脱机外挂网 最新开的传奇私服 传奇私服英雄合击免费泡点 哪个传奇私服人气最好